Academic Enrichment Program

2017 Overnight Options:

  • Four week option: July 8th - August 4th
  • Two week option 1: July 8th - July 21st
  • Two week option 2: July 22nd - August 4th

(Please not International campers/students must attend the four week program)

Academic Enrichment Program

For campers who are interested in participating in a variety of project based and fun activities and lessons – lessons include: Coding, Entrepreneurship, Robotics and Media Making.

Hillside’s state of the art Innovation Center provides an interactive environment where campers can see and feel their ideas materialize in front of them. An open invitation for ideation and creation, campers will learn and be exposed to coding, 3-D printing, robotics, laser cutting, movie making and technological problem solving skills to broaden their digital knowledge base.

The Innovation Center encourages campers to collaborate and generate ideas together – white board walls and tables help simple concepts become more formulated plans of action. Campers will jot down their thoughts and then – just as easily – modify, add to, or abandon their notions as the ideation process unfolds. Equipment includes 3D printers and a laser cutter with which campers can see and feel their ideas materialize in front of them.

The days and evenings are carefully organized so that every child has a healthy mix of learning and energetic fun. Recreational activities include swimming, archery, arts and crafts, nature, tennis, ropes course and field games, as well as a variety of other activities.

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Boarding at Hillside Summer

Hillside provides a warm “home away from home” for campers attending the overnight program. Living at Hillside offers campers a wealth of possibilities for learning responsibility and cooperation. Many quickly learn that whether their housemates are from Boston or Beijing, they have much to offer each other and the friendships they make can last a lifetime. Having many faculty members and administrators living on campus forms a neighborhood in which adults, skilled in interacting with young boys and in tune with their interests and concerns, are a consistently nurturing presence.

Each weekend, campers will take part in a series of fun and educational field trips and on campus programming. Taking advantage of all that the New England area offers is a big part of the Hillside Summer experience.

Any student who is a non-U.S. citizen, who has an international address, or who is not yet fluent in English, must register as an International Camper.

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