CIT Program

We strive to provide the best summer program available, and to that end, our Counselor in Training program aims to train staff members interested in working in a dynamic, fun, and leadership-driven setting. At Hillside Summer, we pride ourselves on hiring a dedicated, energetic staff diverse in age and background.

Staff members must, above all, put the camper first and foremost. Paying attention to details, providing customer service, and striving to be a good role model and participant is paramount. To these ends, camp provides an exceptional training ground for leadership training, and CITs will embark into the areas of leadership, team building, and problem solving while learning about camp philosophy. In addition CITs will be part of our staff, choosing a program area to assist with and working alongside area directors and other counselors to deliver program. They are a combination of counselor and camper, getting involved with the program as a participant, but getting insight into the philosophy behind summer camps in order to become mentors, role models, and friends to campers.

To apply:

1. Applicants must turn 13 by start of camp season (July 5, 2018).

2. Send an email with a letter about why you would like to become a CIT at Hillside Summer to before April 15, 2017. Here is a writing prompt:

Why do you want to be a Counselor in Training at Hillside? What sorts of programs are you interested in running? Give examples of previous experiences you've had that you think would be relevant to camp.

3. Sign up for an interview after the application has been sent in.

4. Attend your interview on Thursday, April 23, 2018 at Hillside School at 404 Robin Hill St., Marlborough, MA.

5. CIT orientation will be Thursday, July 5, 2018 for accepted CITs. At this meeting the program fee of $200 per week will be collected.

Hillside Summer is an equal opportunity employer.